After a storm, a UFO was seen before it disappeared into space.

After appearing in Mexico and being featured on national news TV, pictures of a silver circular UFO have generated controversy.

A UFO with a diameter of roughly 50 feet (15.24 metres) is supposedly seen emerging from a storm in an astonishingly clear photo before disappearing into space.

The photographs of the spherical silver item that surfaced in Mexico and were broadcast on national news TV have stirred some controversy.

The images of UFOs were taken by auto technician Juan Manuel Sanchez and uploaded on Facebook, according to The US Sun.

He claimed to have seen the UFO while attempting to capture images of an incoming storm with his smartphone.

The saucer-shaped object appears to be hanging in front of the dark clouds in the distance in the crisp, high-resolution images.

Although the images have generated a lot of buzz, it’s not obvious if they represent a camera trick, a natural phenomenon, a sophisticated fake, or a real sighting of a strange item.

Juan, on the other hand, sticks by his claim and shared it with Mexican television station RDTV on August 17 about the sighting outside his house in Valle Hermoso.

Another witness who claims to have seen the enigmatic saucer before it rocketed off into the sky in the direction of space is his wife.

The mechanic thinks the item was around half a mile away and that it was about 50 feet (15.24 metres) across.

And he responded to critics who suggest his photo is a fake by claiming that he had heard from folks who believed it to be a hubcap or a pan lid.

When he first purportedly noticed the item, Juan claimed he was “in shock,” not “fear, but something like wonder.”

The mechanic expressed disappointment that he was unable to capture a movie, but because his camera was in photo mode, he made do with taking as many images as he could before the item disappeared.

And he said that later that night, he saw lights in the sky. He also said that other people had told him they had seen something similar nearby.

Juan acknowledged that he was anxious about reporting his experience because he was afraid of the stigma attached to UFOs.

UFO Spotted After Storm Before Vanishing into Space

He informed RDTV that it was directly above the residence, above the cables:

“I grabbed my phone to record it because seeing anything like this up close has always been a dream of mine.”

The mechanic said, “We were working outside at the workshop when we noticed some pretty black clouds; it was cloudier then, but not as much as it is now.

I tried to record a movie, but my phone was on photo mode, so I only managed to take one.

When we first started viewing it, it was still in one spot, but as soon as I snapped the second and third photos, it began to go higher.

“It was impossible when I switched my phone to video mode. I could see the disc-shaped object more as it was leaving.

It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to acquire a video, Juan lamented.

“There are many who don’t believe; they claim it was a tamale pan or a car lid.”

Juan appears to be certain that he saw something in the sky, but the veracity of his photographs is still unknown.

It happens at a time when UFOs are once more dominating headlines in the US across the border.

The subject is now being discussed more publicly by politicians, former service members, intelligence officials, and even former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

UFO Spotted After Storm Before Vanishing into Space

And a historic hearing on Capitol Hill earlier this year brought it all to a head.

US officials have conceded that there is something in the skies that they are unable to explain, and the stigma attached to the formerly off-limits subject is now fading.

Are the previously unidentified phenomena caused by Chinese and Russian technology, unreleased US weapons, or undiscovered natural phenomena?

Or perhaps it’s the complete misidentification of known aeroplanes or easily comprehensible natural phenomena? Or possibly a case of mass hysteria and hoaxes?

There is also the chance that it could be something more unusual.

The United States’ current official position is that it does not know; nonetheless, there is growing public push for greater transparency on this issue, which is gaining popularity.

This article was copied with permission from The US Sun, where it first appeared.

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