A Galactic Underworld of Ancient, Blown-Up Stars Lurks Just Beneath the Milky Way's Surface


By Aahil

October  08, 2022

The Milky Way has a 13.6-billion-yearhas a 13.6-billion-year old history, at that time billions of stars have formed, grown and at the end died in spectacular supernova explosions.

In new research which has revealed that the Royal Astronomical Society, astronomers set out to dig up those long lost stellar bodies

The map revealed a galactic underworld of black holes and neutron stars , which hides in every corner of the Milky Way and far beyond it as well.

30% of objects have been completely thrown up  from the galaxy.

A star has a mass at least eight times of Earth's sun, a neutron star is born; if the star measured more than 25 solar masses, a black hole emerges.

Astronomers have detected both classes of stellar remains in our galaxy, though not nearly enough to account for the billions of dead stars in the Milky Way's past.

The study writer constructed a computer counterfeit to account for this randomness, and the altering shape of the Milky Way.

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