A massive 160-foot asteroid is hurtling toward Earth today, NASA warns

By Aahil


NASA has once again issued a warning about two potentially dangerous asteroids that are heading towards Earth in the present. One of the asteroids is 160 feet.

Asteroids are a major threat to Earth. They seem to appear from nowhere, and frequently it's difficult to find them until they're close to us and especially when they're traveling in toward the Sun.

It is planning to launch a spacecraft into a Dimorphous Asteroid to test the technology as a method to deflect asteroids that may be heading toward Earth.

The importance of such tests is proven by the fact that nearly every day there are numerous Asteroids buzzing around Earth, often missing it by a couple hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

Two massive space rocks are currently fast approaching Earth and are located close to each other. One of these asteroids, named 2022 SK is nearly as large as an airplane, with a height of around 160 feet.

The space beast is traveling at an incredible rate at 16.64 km/s. it is scheduled to come to a close proximity to Earth of only 4.31 million miles in the next 24 hours.

NASA declares that asteroids usually orbit around the Sun but they may alter their orbits due to the gravitational force exerted by planets. This can force them into collision with them.

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