A Space Rock slammed into Mars on Christmas Eve. Revealed a Hidden Surprise

By Aahil

November  02, 2022

I first covered a spacecraft landing on Mars when NASA's InSight mission touched down on the planet on November 26, 2018.

The project has uncovered amazing information on Mars' quakes and what the planet's core may be like.

A space rock that crashed into the Martian surface a few thousand kilometers away was what truly triggered the magnitude 4-magnitude earthquake

Near the warm Martian equator, a sizable crater that the meteoroid left behind on the red planet revealed shimmering ice chunks.

As shown in a CT scan, the animal can reach all the way back up its throat to sample its own snot.

These marine birds' floating environment in the Southern Ocean dissolves due to greenhouse gas and carbon emissions.

The Applet served in the Thirty Years' War in Europe until being purposefully sunk in 1659 due to its unsuitability for the water.

Last week, the James Webb Space Telescope revealed the Pillars of Creation star-forming zone.

Webb saw a faraway surprise that could be an ancient merger between two galaxies in the early universe.

A mystery meadow in China's Hengduan Mountains has dozens of rhododendron varieties. They exist instead of competing.