Aiming at Space Saudi females are exercising the right of be able to compete

By Aahil


from driving vehicles to achieving targets in space, Saudi women are finally taking advantage of their right to equality of opportunity.

At first glance, the statement 'Saudi Arabia is set to send its first female astronaut into space in the near future' seems like a wish that women across the country have not yet realized, given the lengthy struggle to assert fundamental rights.

Kingdom which has recently announced an astronaut program. They will join forces with firm Axiom Space to create a space mission that is in the process of launching into space in the next year.

The country is establishing the first ever astronaut-training program , which will prepare people of Saudi Arabia for the mission.

The program will be working towards the training of its participants for both missions. This includes short space missions as well as extended space missions.

In a nation in which women were not permitted to drive and were imprisoned because of being caught incriminating themselves, news about space missions can be a refreshing change.

The country will send a female astronaut into space with male astronauts during the full 2030 mission.

Saudi is now only the 2nd Arab nation following that of the United Arab Emirates to launch significant space programs.

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