Bubble Found Zipping Around Black Hole With 'Mind Blowing Velocity


By Aahil

October  23, 2022

The globe was stunned when the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration revealed an image of what appeared to be a splotchy French cruller on fire in May.

This was the first time we had ever seen her majesty, which was an amazing moment in and of itself, but the scientists weren't finished yet.

Astronomers on Earth, 27,000 light-years from this black hole, have been examining the void to figure out how the Milky Way's fierce engine works.

The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array Observatory provided new information last month.

The scientists found a "hot spot" in the abyss after analyzing ALMA and EHT data from Sgr Amassive *'s imaging technique.

Mercury, the fastest planet, orbits the sun in 88 Earth days at almost 29 miles per second

Wielgus noted, "this requires a mind blowing velocity of nearly 30% of the speed of light" for the hot ball of gas to completely circle Sgr A* in 70 minutes.

The bubble's orbit is five times farther from the nothingness than the black hole's event horizon, according to researchers.

Changing features of X-ray, infrared, and radio wavelengths may explain this intense activity

Radboud University co-author Monika Mościbrodzka said, "The additional data are incredibly helpful for constructing a theoretical analysis of these events."

Scientists study how objects move into space