Citizen Scientists Enhance New Europa Images From Juno NASA

By Aahil

October  09, 2022


Citizen scientists have given a special viewpoint on the flyby of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa by Juno spacecraft of NASA.

Each flyby of Jupiter, and their work assign a viewpoint that draws upon both science and art.

They are a vital part of our team, our images for new discoveries used for leading the way.

JunoCam captured its nearest image at an altitude of 945 miles over a region of the moon called Annwn Regio.

JunoCam pictures assist to fill in gaps in the maps from images obtained by Voyager of NASA and Galileo missions.

Bright and dark ridges and bands expand over a cracked surface, disclosing the tectonic stresses that the moon has endured.

In the picture at right, Navaneeth Krishnan is processed, the intensify color distinction causes larger surface features to stand out more than in the lightly cleared category of the image.

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