Collide with the asteroid moonlet Dimorphous


By Aahil

October1, 2022

The main objective of NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) is to crash with the asteroid moonlet Dimorphous.

Dimorphous is 11 million kilometers away from Earth that is why earth is safe from crash.

Astronomers all over the world will observe the impact of DART and its effect will be closely followed to see.

The European Space Agency’s Hera mission is named on the basis of the ancient Greek queen of the gods.

The Hera spacecraft is planned to launch in 2024 along with it is hoped it will arrive at Dimorphism in 2026.

Dimorphous, will give golden opportunity for testing for a planetary defense experiment, but it is also provide a new environment

Hera will be loaded with cameras, spectrometers, radars and even toaster-sized nano-satellites to measure the asteroid’s shape, mass, and chemical composition.