September 20, 2022

By Aahil

"Annihilation event" from the Sun caused the destruction of dozens SpaceX satellites

Nearly 40 of Musk's Starlink satellites were taken out of orbit and destroyed by an Solar "annihilation phenomenon" during February. which highlighted the potentially negative impacts of space weather to current and future technologies.

On February 3, the rocket manufacturer SpaceX launched 49 Internet-bearing Starlink satellites in orbit, from its Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

It's a routine at the business, that releases the latest batch of satellites each week in order to establish a vast satellite Internet network.

But the launch was bound to be unsuccessful. At the same time the sun's intense solar radiation and solar particles struck our planet, which was triggered by an explosion that hit one of the surfaces of the Sun.

These types of eruptions, including solar flares, or coronal mass eruptions (CMEs) are referred to as space-weather.

They can cause all sorts of impacts on the planet's environment and technology of the present including interference from radio signals and the power grid.

Despite the financial loss, SpaceX likely would not have made much profit in the event of losing 38 Starlink satellites with more than 3,000 are currently in orbit.

However, SpaceX is a bit different from the space sector, since the majority of satellite operators run the satellite network, with only the size of SpaceX's.