Dramatic Galaxy Merger Found Around 'Monster' Black Hole by NASA Webb Telescope


By Aahil

October  25, 2022

Now that we have a powerful lens that always points to the deepest regions of the universe.

So when it comes to astronomy photos, our definition of "surprise" has changed a bit.

It's no longer "astonishing," in fact, when NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has revealed a spectacular, ancient piece of the universe.

Instead, whenever it sends back a jaw-dropping space image, it sounds like "JWST strikes again!"

There's a lot going on here, I know. But the team behind the discovery thinks it could go even further.

What is particularly fascinating about this picture is that the handheld quasar is thought to be an "extremely red" quasar.

Which means it is far away from us, therefore physically contained in a primitive region of space that approaches the beginning of time.

Every stream of cosmic light that reaches our eyes and our machines. Looks just like she was a long time ago.

Moonlight also takes about 1.3 seconds to reach Earth, so when we look at the Moon, we are seeing it 1.3 seconds earlier.

According to the team, one of the most powerful of its kind seen from such a vast distance (11.5 billion light-years away, that is).

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