Elon Musk Dreams of dying on Mars, Now he might be One of the Pioneering Colonists

By Aahil


October  12, 2022

The Starship of SpaceX has finished its first orbital flight. Elon Musk wants to join  its maiden voyage to Mars.

Youngest children of Elon Musk are more grown up. The CEO can imagine participating in a colonizing mission to the red planet.

Owing to the many difficulties in next-generation Raptor 2 engine Starship has yet to complete an orbital flight.

Starship is designed to transfer a surplus of 100 metric tonnes, its most powerful  vehicle to launch.

Life on a Mars base cannot support itself if ships from Earth are packed full of goods and resources to stop coming.

This could be tantamount to a death sentence for the colonists, so more could arrive at semi-regular intervals.

The window for a launch but when the orbits of the two planets allow for the flight path.

Billionaire Jared Isaacman is using fighter jets to train his team to go on private SpaceX missions