Hubble Detects Protective Shield Defending a Pair of Dwarf Galaxies

By Aahil

October  04, 2022

The Milky Way is the largest satellite galaxy and Small Magellanic Clouds have come after a hazardous journey.

Two galaxies, which provide protection from their gas supplies from being siphoned off by the Milky Way.

This discovery, which was published in Nature, addresses a novel aspect of galaxy evolution.

It is predicted by Astronomers that   the existence of corona several years ago and a corona in the counterfeit Magellanic Clouds falling onto the Milky Way.

Even Though the corona stretches more than 100,000 light-years from the Magellanic clouds and a huge portion of the southern sky cover, it is successfully invisible.

A corona  of galaxy is a remains of the primordial cloud of gas that collapsed from billions of years ago

Quasars are the extraordinarily bright cores of galaxies harboring massive and active black holes.

Hubble observations of quasars were utilized in the past to map the corona surrounding the Andromeda galaxy.