Hubble Is Slowly Falling However SpaceX has a Desire Give It a Boost

By Aahil

October  08, 2022


Owing to the normal atmospheric drag, The high-tech device is slowly losing altitude.

NASA and Elon's SpaceX are investigating a new joint study in order to launch.

Scientists will examine SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft and give the final result that SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft would help lift Hubble’s orbit, potentially docking with the telescope, in an attempt to prolong its life.

SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft makes a bid to send a crew aboard Dragon, which are able to carry seven people, to help service the aging observatory.

NASA has launched The James Webb Space Telescope and the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency is larger and more powerful as compared to Hubble.

Astronomer Edwin Hubble is a large telescope that was launched in 1990, with help from the space shuttle Discovery.

In future Hubble will become a part of Polaris, a crewed spaceflight program SpaceX is operating on behalf of billionaire Jared Isaacman.

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