October  08, 2022

By Aahil

Iconic James Webb Space Telescope Images get X-ray Vision Boost


The Chandra X-ray Observatory has disclosed the new features in iconic images, according to a NASA statement.

JWST is designed to observe the cosmos in infrared, observing space in distinct wavelengths of light, such as Chandra with its X-ray vision.

The image of Stephan's Quintet has revealed that in which four galaxies are locked in a complex gravitational dance

Chandra and NASA's retired Spitzer Space Telescope, the observations of Stephan's Quintet revealed that a hitherto unseen shock wave heating gas.

Cosmic collisions are also key to another object JWST images, the distant Cartwheel galaxy.

The first images of JWST of a galaxy cluster is called SMACS J0723, which is located 4.2 billion light-years away from Earth.

Scientists predicted that the JWST revealed gas and Chandra partnership possesses a total mass of around 100 trillion times that of the sun.

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