Journey from Artemis-I to Mars missions NASA's plan for the future


By Aahil

NASA has published its list of goals as part of the Moon to Mars strategy for the next. What's in store for the future for NASA's space agency.

NASA on Tuesday announced its updated Moon to Mars objectives , which will act as a guideline to future mission plans.

The space agency has begun by launching its Artemis I mission which is scheduled to launch at the close of the month, following two unsuccessful launch attempts.

In the NASA blog the agency has requested input from experts from industry academics, stakeholders, and international groups to advance its goals for deep space travel.

NASA Director-General Pam Melroy said in the blog "We require a plan that is enduring and through a cooperative process, we've come up with the essential set of goals to meet our goals for exploration together with the partners we have.

These goals are practical and aspirational and we were delighted by the helpful contributions of our staff and industry as well as our international counterparts who are set to be part of us in creating the future of our nation together."

The goals will allow the long-term plan for exploration of the solar system. It will remain consistent in its goals as well as weather funding and political shifts.

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