By Aahil

Meaning of The Global Space Ecosystem

October3, 2022

The space economy has gone on $469 billion and the most of the money came from the commercial sector.

In the Space firm approximately $224 billion money was earned from products and services from all corners of the globe.

The innovation of space and space technologies can be commercialized to benefit life on earth

These are significant advancements that have taken place across the space ecosystem to provide GPS capabilities from satellites and connectivity in our mobile phones.

Space has also driven the modern medicine for eye surgery and early detection of cataracts, pacemakers, laser angioplasty and air filtration used in hospitals, laboratories.

Space discoveries are helpful for agriculture and environmental sustainability, which are of course huge earthly problems.

Space innovation can be used to improve the lifestyle of humans and  the global space ecosystem provides the richest insights and tools to humans.