Moon's best friend Robot dogs could become lunar explorers in the near future.

By Aahil

September 30, 2022


Future lunar explorers won't only be barking at Moon scientists but will also be searching for answers.

The robot-sized dog could be used in the upcoming Moon missions, since our best friend is a capable explorator.

Researchers are now hoping to duplicate that same agility on the Moon through the NASA-led Artemis program that may land astronauts in the next decade.

The concept of a robot dog is known as LEAP, or Legged Exploration of Aristarchus Plateau.

Aristarchus can be described as one of the areas of the Moon which ESA European Space Agency, or ESA would like to investigate long ago.

Ejecta from craters, new impact sites or collapsed tubes of lava where the materials cannot be altered by space weather or other processes.

The robot that resembles a dog could travel on the top of the ESA's European Large Logistics Lander, which is charged with sending payloads and other experiments to the moon's surface. Moon from late 2020 onwards.

The dog's shape is based on a single-legged robot named Animal that was designed by ETH Zurich and its spinoff Antibiotics.

Conventional rovers have led to amazing discoveries on Mars and the Moon. Moon and Mars however, they are not without limitations.

The exploration of loose soil, huge chunks of rock or terrain with slopes that are higher than 15 degrees can be difficult on wheels.