NASA and Google Team Up for a Fantastic Solar System Projections


By Aahil

October  02, 2022

Through a new collaboration that has been formed between NASA and Google Now, you can see amazing 3D models of moons, planets and spacecraft around you with just a mobile phone.

This solar system is home to many stunningly beautiful moons and planets. each one with their own distinct background and often with the significance of its culture.

However, the high risk, cost, and difficulty of space travel means that the majority of people will not be able to leave the planet that is our home globe.

It's a good thing that Google is a good thing, as Google and NASA have come together to offer you an entirely new way to explore our tiny worlds with more than 60 3D augmented-reality images of Solar System bodies and robotic exploration vehicles in your hands.

You can look up a planet similar to Jupiter on Google or if surfing on an mobile device, you'll be able to see an updated '3D model' box at the bottom on the page on the desktop or below the search result.

On your desktop you'll see the 3D model of your celestial mine , which you can explore and manipulate to your heart's desire, as well as a collection of carefully-designed information and figures.

To get the most benefit of the new features of search you'll require an Android phone.

When you click 'View in Your Space' in your 3D Model window you'll be able to use the latest Augmented Reality feature that lets you project entire planets in their real-world surroundings on your phone's display.