By Aahil

NASA Deals With a Mysterious Rover Rock Sampling Error on Mars

October  13, 2022

The NASA Perseverance rover on Mars recently obtained its 14th sample of rock through drilling.

The rover's sampling mechanism is malfunctioning since it hasn't been able to cap and seal the sample tube.

Although the sample is securely kept inside my caching assembly, there is still work to do to cap and seal the tube.

Persistence is accumulating a collection of Martian rocks that NASA plans to retrieve and transport back to Earth for in-depth analysis.

A pencil-thick bit of rock is cored out, put into a tube, and the tube is sealed to keep the sample safe and prevent contamination.

The rover has been collecting paired samples, and scientists are particularly interested in the rocks it discovered in the Jezero Crater's ancient river delta zone.

Some of these rocks show traces of organic materials, but further study is needed to determine if they once contained microbial life.

In no time at all, Percy had sealed and tucked away its successful 13th and lucky rock sample.

Troubleshooting is a part of life and Perseverance has already dealt with stones and stringy mystery material.

The Percy rover team has managed Percy through all of its difficulties thus far, and they will attempt to resolve this most recent hiccup.

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