NASA, SpaceX launch Crew-5 to Space Station


By Aahil

October  08, 2022

From Florida’s Space Coast SpaceX and NASA have launched a crewed mission to the International Space Station.

In spite of tensions over the war in Ukraine,NASA and Japanese astronauts launched a Russian cosmonaut rocket from the U.S.

Three new mission spaces are aMarine Col. Nicole Mann, the first Native American woman bound for orbit; Navy Capt. Josh Cassada and lone female cosmonaut Russia.

Kikina is the Russian Space Agency and NASA have launched the Frank Rubio space station from Kazakhstan aboard a Soyuz rocket.

The space agencies agreed to interchange seats on their flights intending to ensure a continuous U.S. and Russian presence aboard the 260-mile-high outpost.

In 1994, NASA started flying cosmonauts on its space shuttles, first to Mir space station of Russia and further to the fledgling space station.

The 2003 Columbia resume tragedy put an end to it, however U.S. astronauts continued to pull rides on Russian rockets for tens of millions of dollars per seat.

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