October  28, 2022

By Aahil

NASA Study Suggests Shallow Lakes in Europa’s Icy Crust Could Erupt

Subsurface water basins in our outer solar system are key targets for life beyond Earth.

According to NASA's Galileo orbiter, salty liquid reservoirs may exist inside the moon's icy shell, some close to the surface and some miles below.

The spacecraft will orbit Jupiter and fly by the moon 50 times, collecting science data with its sophisticated instruments.

Research is helping scientists understand Europa's subsurface lakes' appearance and behavior.

A Planetary Science Journal study suggests Europa may erupt water as vapor or cryovolcanic activity.

Our findings reveal the water depth that drives surface activity, including plumes.

Reservoirs with floors more than 5 miles below the crust would push against warmer ice as they expand.

Other equipment on the Europa Clipper will be able to test the hypotheses of the new research.

Europa Clipper will explore Europa and determine if its subsurface ocean can support life