Pentagon Awards $200 Million Spacecraft Contract to Private Venture York

By Aahil

October  09, 2022


Spacecraft manufacturer York Space Systems received a Pentagon award of $200 million for the military’s Space Development Agency (SDA).

York will construct and operate 12 prototype satellites that will test satellite communications from low Earth Orbit.

According to the SDA director Derek Tournear, functions on the T1DES satellites will start in a short time period.

York has announced their new private equity ownership and AE Industrial Partners and BlackRock.

Last time York won $328 million as part of a larger contract to build satellites for T1TL.

According to the Tournearthat T1DES is investigational as the system will endeavor to utilize satellites in low Earth orbit.

There are a lot of technical barriers that we need to show that the technology is able to apply from transferring it from geosynchronous down to LEO.

Jupiter's close proximity to Earth will provide the best views for the next 60 years.