Planet Musk's Creepy AI Reveals What a City On Mars Would Look Like


By Aahil

November  02, 2022

Elon Musk has big plans to start a human colony on Mars in his lifetime and artificial intelligence has predicted what it might look like.

The US Sun asked artificially intelligent software DALL·E to show what a human city on Mars might look like.

DALL·E is a machine learning model created by OpenAI to associate unusual images with keyword prompts.

Created in 2021, DALL·E is touted as a transformer language model that can convert almost any idea into images.

According to Open AI, it receives both text and images as a stream of data containing 1280 tokens.

This training process allows DALL·E not only to generate an image from scratch, but to reproduce any rectangular area of ​​an existing image

When it comes to Mars, DALL·E suggests that a dystopian Martian may have arrived on the Red Planet.

It produced impressive skyscrapers, but some images imagined Martian cities as abandoned and even dilapidated.

Musk has previously acknowledged that life on Mars will be difficult and that the first humans there are likely to suffer.

Obviously, the question on many people's minds is how the humans that Musk proposes to take to Mars survive.