Potentially the Future of Space Building is a New Walking Robot.

By Aahil

October  18, 2022


Researchers have designed a new walking robot that could potentially assemble and maintain large construction projects in space.

Some tasks are necessary but dangerous, such as fixing wind turbines, washing a skyscraper window or even building a skyscraper.

Yet the field of robotics is moving towards developing technology that can reduce jobs dangerous to humans, both on Earth and in outer space.

Researchers have designed a new type of robot - the e-walker - to revolutionize large construction projects in space.

The robot has a large payload capacity, making it an ideal candidate for assembling large-scale projects in orbit.

Nair's team is currently focusing on making the robot assemble the 25-meter Large Aperture Telescope.

Before Nair's team can test the E-Walker's functionality in space, they still need to test its design at the University of Lincoln.

Nair said the team is building a scaled-down prototype with in-built facilities to perform servicing and assembly tasks on Earth.

"There's always a struggle with robots taking the place of humans," Nair said. Instead, he believes that robots like the E-walker pose a challenge to those situations.

"We can see window cleaning, for example, of high-rise skyscrapers where humans are attached to ropes, which they only support," Nair said.

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