Reflections on Mars may be from Something Stranger than Water


By Aahil

October  12, 2022

Scientists who reexamined a mysterious signal from Mars' south pole have a new theory.

A peculiar and brilliant reflection was seen emanating from the southernmost part of Mars, which is referred to as Ultima Scopuli.

Researchers analyzing the reflection believe the signal came from geological layers consisting of minerals and frozen carbon dioxide.

It became determined that the unearthly reflection is not caused by the materials of these layers, but rather by their thickness.

But, this does not prove that there is liquid water present on Mars, even if it is likely that something similar may have happened there as well.

In order to unravel this puzzle, the research team employed computer simulations and radar data from MARSIS.

A similar reflection could also be created by certain minerals, according to earlier research Lalich worked on.

The latest findings don't rule out the possibility of liquid water being on Mars

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