By Aahil

Space storms devastate Elon Musk's Starlink satellites The problem is set to get even worse

September 21, 2022

Billionaire SpaceX creator Elon Musk is determined to develop his vast Starlink satellite internet network however there have been some challenges on the way.

In February, Musk's Starlink satellites were destroyed in an "destruction event," per Newsweek the magazine. These events are likely to become worse in the near future and peak in 2025.

A blast on the sun's surface resulted in a wave of powerful solar particles to wash across our planet, heating the Earth's atmosphere , and increasing the density of the tiny amounts of air at the surface that are Starlink satellites in orbit.

The satellites began sinking and eventually, they burned up to the tune of thousands of miles per hour.

A study released by researchers from China as well as the U.S. in August revealed the economic cost in the millions of dollars.

However, in the grand perspective, this loss was only a minor obstacle for SpaceX that has more than three thousand Starlink satellites in orbit with plans for the launch of around 40,000 more.

However, the company should anticipate similar problems in the near future when the activity of the sun, and the associated space weather grows in line with its 11-year solar cycle, expected to peak in the summer of 2025.