Swarms of Swimming Robots may soon Explore Alien Seas

By Aahil

October3, 2022

Under the Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program, NASA has allocated approximately $600,000 in funding to investigate new gadgets  for researching extraterrestrial oceanic life.

It is estimated that the funding will assist scientists install swarms of small swimming robots into the oceans.

SWIM is observed as the following step of cryobotic missions, because now cryobots are seen as a possible infusion for doing ocean-access missions

The swimming robots can congregate together in a swarm or keep away from one another and are able to spread out to more efficiently map their surroundings.

The small robots could be installed to research the environment of the ocean at different time periods.

NASA has announced funding to build preliminary versions of the microbot submarines for testing in frigid marine regions on Earth.

Most cryobots are made  to drill or melt through many miles of solid ice, to collect proper information from the surface of the ocean.