The first woman in the world's history to be an Arab astronaut to be a part of a SpaceX mission.


By Aahil

October  02, 2022

A woman is set to join Saudi Arabia's trip towards space on the International Space Station on a SpaceX capsule in the coming year.

She will be the first woman to be an Arab astronaut as per Axiom Space Axiom Space, the US company that organized this mission on behalf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi government, neither Axiom nor the Saudi government has provided the name of this female spacecraft.

This will be followed by a second Saudi as well as two Americans as part of Axiom's third private space mission station, which will begin in 2023.

A US official with knowledge of the mission said the X-2 passengers haven't yet been approved by a NASA-chaired panel of International space station's partners.

Usually , the identities of astronauts are not officially verified until the panel gives the approval.

Reuters first reported the Axiom deal to Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, and the mission is scheduled to begin in the beginning of 2023, under an agreement signed earlier this year.