By Aahil

The Most Important Unsolved Inquiries Concerning Dark Matter

November  02, 2022

Dark Matter Web - In the 1930s, a Swiss astronomer named Fritz Zwicky noticed that galaxies in distant clusters were orbiting each other.

What is dark matter? - First and perhaps most surprising, researchers remain uncertain about what dark matter actually is.

Can we detect dark matter? - If dark matter is created from WIMPs, they must be invisible and barely detectable, all around us. So why haven't we found any yet?

Does dark matter consist of more than one particle? - Ordinary matter is made up of everyday particles like protons, electrons, plus a whole zoo of more exotic particles like neutrinos, muons, pions.

Do dark forces exist? - Some researchers have discovered "dark photons", which would be like photons exchanged between normal particles.

Could dark matter be made of axions? - As physicists are falling out of love with WIMPs, other dark-matter particles are starting to favor them.

What are the properties of dark matter? - Dark-matter particles must be their own antiparticles, meaning that two dark-matter particles will annihilate each other when they meet.

Does dark matter exist in every galaxy?- Because it is much larger than normal matter, dark matter is often called the controlling force

What's up with the DAMA/LIBRA results? - A long-standing mystery in particle physics are the surprising results of a European experiment known as DAMA/LIBRA.

Could dark matter have an electrical charge? - A signal from the beginning of time has led some physicists to suggest that dark matter may have an electrical charge.