This Simple NASA Artemis I Photo of Earth Is Stark, Beautiful and Evocative


By Aahil

However, I'm here to silently collapse my heart over a straightforward black-and-white image of Earth taken by the Orion spacecraft two days after launch.

One of the several cameras on board Orion that was used to capture the scene was a navigation camera

It's a straightforward black and white image of Earth taken by a spacecraft's wayfinding camera.

NASA's long-delayed Artemis I moon mission was eventually launched in a magnificent display of unadulterated rocket might.

The Orion capsule successfully entered space after the fiery blast, and once there, it took some beautiful new pictures of our lovely planet

Contributions have been made by the European Space Agency, and the Orion system bears the agency's insignia.

One of the first Earth shots obtained by Orion's cameras after launch was provided by the Human Spaceflight division of the European Space Agency.

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