By Aahil

Trailer for 'Good Night Oppy' Surviving Mars Rover Robots

October  13, 2022

In Ryan White's touching documentary, two NASA robots become human-like.

The Amazon Prime trailer for Good Night Oppy shows the friendship between NASA scientists and two Rover robots they dispatched to Mars for a 90-day mission but survived for many years.

Spirit and Opportunity were dispatched to Mars in 2003 to collect data during 90-day missions.

Spirit lasted until 2010, while Opportunity lasted until 2018 despite sandstorms, dust-clogged sensors, dysfunctional machinery, and other technological issues.

Good Night Oppy's teaser shows Mars robots with eye-like cameras, arm-like appendages, and a human-sized lady, capturing the enthusiasm and passion of NASA scientists and engineers.

The documentary uses archive NASA film of the mission's scientists and engineers on earth, pictures from Opportunity and Spirit, and photo-realistic computer-generated imagery of Mars by Industrial Light & Magic.

The Mars Rover documentary by Amazon Studios had its Telluride premiere before screening in Toronto.

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