Virgin Orbit is awaiting License for First UK Launch


By Aahil

October  09, 2022

Three days before from Mojave Air and Space Port in California, Virgin Orbit declared that it finalized a launch rehearsal for the mission, including fueling of the rocket.

According to Dan Hart, chief executive of Virgin Orbit said  that the company is functioning with the CAA on the license application.

After the Rolling Stones song, The mission called Start Me Up and mission will transfer nine cubesats from the United Kingdom, United States, Poland and Oman.

The launch will place the satellites into a sun-synchronous orbit at about 550 kilometers altitude.

After successful launches in January and July from Mojave, this will become the third time of year for lunaching for Virgin Orbit.

The company predicted they will launch six in this year, however lowered that target to four, with a launch from Mojave after the U.K. launch.

According to the Heart, that fourth launch will depend on when the Cornwall launch takes place.

The first woman in the world's history to be an Arab astronaut to be a part of a SpaceX mission.