Why Scientists' Latest Dark Matter and Dark Energy Calculations Are a Big Deal


By Aahil

October  25, 2022

Now we may have the fastest measurement ever of the dark side of our universe. Here's what this means for science.

In 1998, scientists stumbled upon a surprising cosmic truth. Not only is the universe expanding, he realized, but it also appears to be accelerating.

That as the years go by, is intensified by a force that we cannot see. That mysterious effect would soon become known as dark energy.

Which is one of physics' biggest mysteries. It would complement an equally, if not more, confusing aspect of our universe called dark matter.

With a mechanism called the Pantheon, the team found that the universe is made up of about two-thirds dark energy and one-third matter.

Which is mostly in the form of dark matter. More specifically, they suspect that 66.2% of the universe appears as dark energy.

These star explosions are so bright that they light up entire galaxies and are therefore seen from billions of light-years away from Earth.

They are like flashlights, but instead of lighting a long hallway, they illuminate an infinite tunnel of space and time.

In fact, they are crucial to the discovery of the Dark Universe, helping uncover the existence of dark matter in 1933 and dark energy in 1998.

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